Rising Hill Farm


Rising Hill Farm is a small farm run by Amber Parise and her family and friends.  She was moved to become a farmer in part because of the failings of our current industrial agricultural food system. At Rising Hill Farm, we want to offer people products that they can feel good about purchasing.  Our crops are grown with out the use of manufactured pesticides , herbicides or fertilizers. Instead, we rely on sustainable systems to nourish our plants.  We build soil nutrition with our homemade compost and manure from our chickens and ducks.  We plant a variety of flowers and herbs along with our fruits and vegetables to encourage native insects and wildlife to live on our farm and to help with pest control. We mulch to discourage weed growth, and use minimal tillage so that the natural soil organisms can flourish.  Purchasing your flowers and vegetables from us and other local, sustainable farmers can help to protect the world that we love.